February 4, 2019
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Question 35 To practice eudemonia, you should _______ a) Read literat

Question 35

To practice eudemonia, you should _______

a) Read literature with moral themes

b) Examine your core values

c) Obtain a moral mentor

d) Do all of the above

Question 36

If you believe that responsibility goes with all of the choices that you make, you are using ____.

a) Kant

b) Frankl

c) Rawls

d) Mill

Question 37

Which of the following ethics theories always practical for making policy in Health Care?

a) Rule of Utility

b) Act utility

c) Buberian Logic

d) Viel of Ignorance

Question 38

In social justice, we set up a set of rules or social contract that protects self-interests even for those who are in a lower social position. The reason for this is that_______

a) We have the possibility of being in such a position in our live

b) Administrators take an oath to fulfill this social contract

c) it increases profit when we treat those in lower positions

d) Physicians favor social contracts with patient

Question 39

The highest level on the hierarchy of moral relationships according to Buber is ____.





Question 40

Moral/ethical development occurs in stages according to Kohlberg. The community expects healthcare administrators to consistently practice at ____ stage

a) One

b) Five

c) Four

d) Two’

Question 41

If you make moral decisions because you ant to be known as a good person, you are operating at stage ____ in Kohlberg’s hierarchy

a) One

b) Six

c) Four

d) Three

Question 42

The search for meaning and following your conscience are all features of ____ ‘s concepts relating to ethics

a) Aquinas

b) Frankl

c) Kant

d) Kohlberg

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35. Examine your core values. eudemonia is a state where an individual practice to have indwelling spir and to be health so as to be happy. Hence examining the core values is very essential.

36. a) Kant. According to Kant, the decisions an individual make or the choices


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